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Approaching the Woman of Your Dreams

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Many men are reluctant to approach a woman they are attracted to. Often the fear of rejection prevents then from even starting a conversation. Relax, and just be yourself. Authenticity is the mark of a leader. Once you have completed one of the MansQuest programs, you will have more confidence and be far more self assured. You will will be more comfortable starting a conversation with anyone, and if you have practiced the lessons in the program, you will have the skills to approach any woman you find attractive.


Reading books about a variety of subjects, and learning about current events, enables you to have an intelligent conversation. A man that wants to be a leader needs to be able to carry a conversation.

Keep the initial conversation light and easy, focusing on her, and maintaining eye contact. Remember many attractive woman are hit on frequently, so forget about the comments about her looks, or what she is wearing. Instead ask her what she likes to do other than work, or if she has seen any good movies.


Stay away from sexual comments and references, and refrain from touching her.


Now you have a good chance of carrying on an interesting conversation that will set you apart from other men. That will increase not only your opportunities, but your success as well.


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