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Dress For Success

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First impressions are always a very important part of the image you portray to a new lover. Dressing well is a critical part of that, and it carries over to ongoing relationships as well.


As the saying goes, “clothes make the man”. If you want to look good and impress your girl, hire an image consultant or find a friend that has a good fashion sense, that can help you buy the right clothes.

The Italian’s have a philosophy; keep it simple and buy clothes that fit which look good on you. Don’t try to copy someone else. Be an original. Find what works for you.


If you want to look successful and attract the right kind of women, your clothes are one of the first things she will notice. For instance, if you show up for a dinner date in your shorts and a t-shirt, you will only be successful with the kind of woman who also wears jeans and flip-flops to dinner. This, of course, is a matter of personal taste.  If you seek a woman who dresses more elegantly, then you must do the same. It is all about leading by example. Like attracts like.


Women love good hygiene,and a man that takes care of himself. This includes your breath, fingernails, toenails and beards. Don’t kill your opportunity with women by being lax with your cleanliness!

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