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Why Do I Keep Getting Rejected

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Do you feel like anytime you actually work up the courage to speak to a beautiful girl, that it seems to always turn out badly? Maybe you actually even get her number, only to find out later that it’s a fake.

It’s all in the approach, and being prepared. Perhaps you could use a little help on your aim, swing, and follow through.


Something you probably don’t know is that many of the most beautiful women will say that they rarely get approached, particularly by men that are of the caliber they wish to be with.


First off, accept that most guys are intimidated by a beautiful woman. If you have not done the necessary work on yourself, and know your own value, you will find it difficult to approach a woman with confidence.

What exactly should I say to her, you ask? Cheesy pickup lines only work in the movies. The simplest compliment such as, “Your hair looks beautiful,” or, “It’s nice to see such a well-dressed woman,” can spark up a conversation.


Make sure to ask her questions, but not too personal questions. Remember you just met this girl!

If you follow the steps in the program that is available on this website, and practice, you will become a better conversationalist and will engage women more easily.


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