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Making Love Last

Vibrational Harmonics and Your Part

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I have studied vibrational healing and many of its aspects, one of which is sound.


It has been proven that if you hit a note on a piano, the corresponding string on any other piano in the room will also vibrate.


Also because you can tune any string, you could cause most strings to vibrate with a string of a different note, if you change the tuning on that string to correspond to the new note.

What does this mean to humans?


If you hang out with notes (people) that are LOW vibrations, you will begin to vibrate at that frequency. You will literally be tuned to that energy in time.


On the other hand if you hold the vibration of joy and happiness, those around you will be affected in a positive way. The more like minded (tuned) people you associate with, the more powerful your vibration becomes, and the more you will attract women of a higher vibration.


It is up to you.


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