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Empower Her Gifts

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For example, a man might purchase a car for himself for $45,000, and later I hear him complaining that his girlfriend wants a $200 necklace. Even if he buys her the necklace, he doesn’t see the value in doing so. His girlfriend feels that he is cheap and doesn’t care about what is important to her. He cannot see it, but his discrepancy wounds her deeply.


If you value your car more than her, you will lose eventually. She will think you are selfish. Early in dating relationships, women watch to see if a man is generous or not. She certainly wouldn’t want to get stuck with a guy who is a selfish cheapskate. Ask yourself if you are capable of valuing her needs as much as your own. The woman you desire will not settle for a man who is incapable of sacrificial giving.


On the other hand there are men who buy lavish gifts for the woman they are with, and yet fail to ever ask or learn about what gifts are important to her. Imagine that you asked her to make steak for dinner and instead you came home to a can of soup on the counter. That is how a woman feels when you do not honor her preferences. I assure you that the man who provides for his woman’s desires, in return is more likely to get his own desires fulfilled!


Failure to make her feel valued, appreciated, accepted, and important to you will prevent her from giving you her feminine gifts freely. Yes, you can buy her for a while, but eventually she will find someone who can give her what she feels she needs. Most importantly, she needs to feel that you value her above your possessions, relationships and activities.

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