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What Gets Men In Trouble

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So many men I talk to seem to have this problem. We try to please a woman and still end up in trouble.

Often it is a lack of understanding our role, and what that means to her and to you.


Jason was one such man. He was a committed, loving man that most would consider a role model, and yet Jason thought that stopping by the bar on the way home for a drink was just normal behavior. What he failed to realize was that in doing so, he was constantly jeopardizing his relationship.


As a man that wanted to lead the relationship, he was putting himself in situations that invited trouble, such as random conversations with women, and an environment that is designed to encourage meeting singles. This is not the environment a woman wants her man to be in. Like Jason, you may find that your woman ends up doing similar things herself, that eventually end the relationship.


There are many potential errors in judgment that you can make in a relationship. Knowing what they are and how to avoid them will greatly improve your relationship, and make you a very desirable man.


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