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Ownership – Why You Don’t Want to Own Your Woman Part 1

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If you find a flower you love and you pick it, soon it will die. You have to provide what the flower needs, rather than owning it, if you want it to live and be able to enjoy it’s beauty for a long time.


Understanding this concept will assist you greatly in your quest.


The purpose of a relationship or marriage is not to own a woman. In spite of appearances, if you choose to consider a woman your property, it will degrade and possibly destroy your relationship.


On the other hand if you decide instead to provide her with what she needs, she will be far more likely to be loyal and committed to you, for as long as you continue to do your part.


So forget about owning her. Focus on what she needs and wants, particularly what she wants, needs and expects from you.



If you really want to learn why you don’t want want to own her….

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