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Ownership – Why You Don’t Want to Own a Woman Part 2

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A man that is leading knows and understands that he does not have own a woman. He also is aware that if he does try to do so, he will only create more trouble.


There is a wise saying that I found a few years ago, that says this; “If you own a slave you are chained to that slave and you yourself become a prisoner.”


This same principle applies here, the goal is not to own the woman, for in doing so you take away her power to express herself and to be free to give her gifts.  The goal is to create a space for her to feel safe and protected and in that space she will be free to give you what you want.


If you think that marrying a woman or even being in a committed relationship gives you ownership, you will be tempted to twist that into a power play that prevents the natural flow of leading and following.
Instead learn how to lead her as a man.


As soon as you own something you have responsibility. That means that you have to take care of maintaining what you own, or it will rot or deteriorate in some way over time.


It is better to become the leader, a man that knows an understands his role. A man that provides for the woman he loves, and in so doing he receives far more benefits than he would with owning her.


Ownership is for cars, houses, businesses, etc. There is no need to own a woman if you are able to be the leader your woman requires you to be. Do yourself and her a favor and buy the program today!


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