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Learning the Steps

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As with any process you have to begin somewhere, you take one step and the next, and the next, and on and on. The programs offered at contain many lessons, and some are easy, others are very difficult and take longer to master.

Like dancing you learn the box step which begins with 1 – 2 – 3.
Then you repeat the sequence again to complete the first series.

A man in his authentic power knows and understands the value of not only learning the steps, but applying his skills on a regular basis.

Some men have a natural propensity to know how to honor and respect a woman, and yet are conditioned to serve and give up their power. This does not facilitate the best relationships. I had to learn that not every woman is suited for a man that lives in his authentic power. Not every woman wants to give up the masculine role she has taken on in order to feel safe and in control. Some women are so angry or wounded that they don’t have the ability or capacity to respond in a healthy and empowered way. You will have to seek a woman that understands, embraces and enjoys receiving what you uniquely provide, and desires to give her feminine gifts to you. She is out there; a woman committed to being her feminine self, who opens her her heart with such grace and elegance it exceeds any attempt to describe it!

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