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Return on Investment ?

Why Men Do Dumb Things

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This is the number one thing a man that chooses to live in his authentic power has to learn.


You are the master of you, and only you decide where and how your energy, intention and attention are used and for what reasons. Preferably they will not be used for doing dumb things like getting drunk, or spending all of your spare time watching TV.


If you fail here then you will not succeed no matter how many other skills you learn or how many courses you take.


What few men know and understand is that in order to capture a woman, they too, turn on their “peacock” energy, and open themselves up to not only attract women but to provide the inviting and available environment that seemingly is what a woman desires. Once you have identified the woman you desire, your demeanor must change. Many men find it difficult to transition into a mature man. They forget to consider the limitless benefits of being in a relationship!


Carelessness in this area will eventually destroy the very relationship you have worked so hard to obtain.


This is where a man has to have a mission and purpose, and he has to know and understand his mission and purpose and learn how to manage all of the pieces required to implement it.


You have to have the strength to sustain your integrity. Without it you will be doing “dumb things”.


Learn the steps that will change how you can be aware of what these are and how to manage them,

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