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Relief Versus Fulfillment

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Relief is easy, usually immediate and may gratifying for a short time. Like eating a chocolate bar for example, it tastes good and seems so gratifying as you are eating it, but once you finish there is very little fulfillment left an hour later. You may even decide to have more chocolate to appease the hunger, desire or need for that gratification. Some people are unable to stop at all and keep eating chocolate until it is completely gone.


Sex works the same way. It can be fun, exciting, and may even feel gratifying, but an hour later you either want more or are thinking about ways to get more sex. When in that state of mind you may not even care who it is with or where, you just want sex. Wow, it is so good! It takes all your cares and worries away (at least temporarily).


Rarely does sex itself bring complete fulfillment, and in many cases you may feel empty afterwards. The trap here is that the biological drive is more powerful than your purpose. As a man you may have forgotten or have never learned the value of fulfillment.


Relief may be necessary at times, and each person has to choose what they want to experience, and may have very good reasons for hooking up for sex. Just be sure that you understand that this will not provide you with the fulfillment you seek, if indeed you are seeking fulfillment with a partner.


Fulfillment on the other hand is quite a different process, and it may include lots of sex and indeed it is a normal outcome of reaching fulfillment.


The difference is that achieving fulfillment requires a deeper and more meaningful relationship, where two people choose to honor and respect each other and to focus on the relationship rather than just the sex.

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