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Building the Man

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The whole point of the Man’s Quest program is to teach you the skills required to be a winner and to be the kind of man women want to be with. You can be a man that can respect himself and others, that has the skills and knowledge necessary to invoke the feminine gifts that a woman possesses; gifts that you would love to receive.


You have choices, including continuing as you were, or standing into the challenge I am presenting to you. You can choose to move up the ladder of evolution, and join the ranks of men that are able to be and live in their masculine energy. You have to be able to do this to the degree that a woman knows and understands who and what you are, without having to use any manipulative techniques like trying to buy her affection.

This is a very different approach to Love and Relationships.


Understanding the fine line between being in your masculine energy and using your strength to abuse a woman, is one of the most critical elements of this work. The goal is to empower the feminine using honor and respect.

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