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The Nature of Difficulties

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Most difficulties particularly with a partner are based on differences of perceptions. Perceptions are based on beliefs. These beliefs are mostly subconscious, therefore trying to resolve differences by talking to someone is rarely successful, especially if you have opposing beliefs, think about a Christian and a Jew trying to convince each other that theirs is the most correct religion.


Finding common ground, being open and willing to consider that the other person has beliefs that are just as real and powerful to them, opens the energy for compromise.


Since your beliefs are mostly subconscious learning how to be aware of them and learning to change them can be difficult. There are many tools, programs, and various websites that will sell you the answers all day long, that promise to assist you in solving your problems and making your pain go away.


I will tell you that some of them may be helpful in some cases, but in reality it is you yourself that has to change and only you can decide to do that. Unless and until you work on yourself and your inner, subconscious beliefs, paradigms and old patterns you will get the same results no matter what you change in your outer world. The bottom line is your difficulties will continue.


The programs on are designed to assist you in understanding your role and how to live it.

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