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Putting Each Other First

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“Marriage let’s you annoy one special person for the rest of your life!”-Curmudgeon’s Guidebook.


This is a controversial subject when talking to both couples and singles, until they truly understand the reasons for sacrificial giving.


Putting your partner first is essential in keeping a relationship balanced and healthy. More importantly
it has to be a priority in your daily living.


Men, this requires sacrificial giving which simply means that you have to value your partner enough, that you choose to give her what she needs, over you own needs.


That does not mean you give up your power, nor do you give her everything she demands. It is more about demonstrating your ability to take care of her and being aware of her needs and desires. From that position you choose to put her first in your decisions.


It also means that you choose to put her first in your actions whether you are with her or not. If you choose to flirt with the waitress, or tease that cute girl at work, then you are not putting your lover first. When you decide to feed you own immature needs, thinking it is just for fun, or that no one will know, you are wrong. Your partner will intuitively sense that you have interests above her and begin to subtly pull away. Before you know it, quiet resentment and resistance will have replaced the happiness you once shared.

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