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Words vs Actions – Part 1

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“I pay ZERO attention to what you say, but your actions have my undivided attention” -Sotero M. Lopez II


One of the key elements for a man who has chosen to be a leader is his ability and commitment to following through. He takes action and his actions align with his words. In simple language, our walk must match our talk!


I hear so many woman complaining about the men who tell them that they want to be a better man. These men say that they are going to change their behaviors, and yet repeatedly fail to do so.


This creates friction and drama that tears at that soul of the relationship. It is the cause of many failed relationships. One woman told me that her former boyfriend used to yell, “Why do you take my words so literally?” She continued to respond, “ Because I am listening and I want to understand you. Why are you not being straight with me?” This woman began to question everything her boyfriend did because she couldn’t trust his word. Eventually, his behavior wore her out and…you guessed it…she dumped him.


If you find yourself having to repeatedly apologize for your behavior, you will find the information in our course extremely helpful.

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