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Delivering on Your Promises

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A man who makes promises that he cannot keep or that he fails to keep, is not only deceiving others, he eventually has to realize he is deceiving himself.


When you don’t deliver on your promises, you are essentially lying, to others and to yourself.

As the saying goes: “Words are cheap”.


When you choose to be a man of honor and integrity, it requires that you stand by the words and promises that you make, without exception.


If you expect the woman you are with to be honest and to have integrity, as the leader you must be committed to doing the same yourself.


As an adult, you can no longer blame your past, your family or your circumstances for your actions. You have all of the tools and training available to you, to learn anything you choose to. You only have to decide if it is worth your time.


If you choose to be a leader and desire to have a partner who trusts you and feels safe and secure with you, then you have to choose to deliver every time.


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