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The Wrench

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This is a story about tools and intimacy.


As men we are wired for conquering and being a hero. We try to impress women with our power and charm. Often as men we try to be romantic by displaying our power. We might drive an expensive car, or take her to a fancy restaurant in order to win her affection.


Jack was a capable man and like many other men, he did his best as a man to provide romance and intimacy for his girlfriend. Which is why he was deeply impacted recently by a simple act of love. He shared this story with me about a new way of being in his role.


Jack was handy with tools, and was able to fix things around the house and never considered his work to be sexual. So when he finished a recent plumbing job tightening the faucet in the bathroom, he found a surprise.

When he walked out into the bedroom carrying his wrench, he found his girlfriend wearing only a smile.


Although very delighted Jack was curious as to what caused her to be so inspired.


His girlfriend shared with him that a man with a wrench is very sexy. Particularly a man who knows how to use a wrench, and fixes things without being asked to, without having to be reminded over and over.

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