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A woman’s feelings are the reason you fail!

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In the adventure we call life a man has to negotiate many difficult and challenging processes, including understanding a woman’s feelings. Often we know she is upset, sad, or she may just be feeling frustrated. The worse case scenario is that she is angry, and more challenging, she is angry with you.

A woman’s feelings will always reveal where she is emotionally. It is a man’s job to be aware of where your woman’s emotions are at all times. if you fail to understand how your actions affect her feelings than you are headed for disaster.

If you think that acting immature is normal, or if you think she is crazy for being upset because you flirted with the waitress, then you don’t understand how to protect your woman’s feelings, and for that reason you will fail. By the way, saying that you were just being courteous is not acceptable!

If you want to learn what she considers to be stupid things and how she sees you being immature, then click the link below and select the course that fits your situation.

Lets work together to change your life and your relationship.

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