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It’s a Man’s World

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It’s a Man’s World

What is a man? How do you define what separates the men from the boys?


The answers will vary depending on who you are talking to, and how they are conditioned to see and believe how the role a man plays, fits into their belief system.


For that reason, not everyone will agree with what we are teaching here. On the other hand, if you are open to learning what is possible, the benefits and rewards of this program will change how you live and the kind of relationships you will have.


A man in his masculine energy, that knows and understands his role, will be able to create and maintain a balanced and fulfilling relationship if he chooses to. It is a skill and a mindset that takes discipline and training, and it requires understanding the complexities of the role.


Any man can be macho, but knowing how to be masculine and lead with power and nobility, is very different. In reality there is no right or wrong way of being, it all comes down to what you want from a relationship. Some men are quite content letting a woman run things and manage the relationship. Others try to rebel and become physical and treat women as objects. It is simply your choice to be who you are and who you want to be with.


Being masculine is not about forcing a woman to serve you. That only results in making her feel like a doormat. As a leader you have to live and act in a way that provides a good example. It means you can no longer make excuses or revert to your charming yet immature behavior and use that to justify your stupidity.


A man takes responsibility and learns how to excel in his mission. A man learns what his weaknesses and strengths are and learns how to change himself to be a better man.



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