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Feminine gifts

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  1. It is time to investigate the details of feminine energy and a woman’s gifts.


This story explains what a leader does to succeed. You can use the same techniques to empower the woman you are with.


Let’s say you decide to go fishing. First you prepare everything; bait, food, gear, (lots of gear) the right lures, the perfect line, appropriate attire, and let’s not forget, the boat! Now you get on the water and see a fish swim by. Let me ask you, what would your chances be if you simply saw a fish and decided that you liked that particular fish, and you jumped into the water and tried to grab it? Not only would you get very wet, it is also very unlikely that you would catch the fish.


Every man knows that in order to actually catch the fish, you have to prepare the bait carefully and skillfully. You can accomplish this skillfully, as you have already practiced this for many hours. Then you present the bait at just the right speed and at the right depth, etc. The next thing you know, you have caught a fish.


Now I want you to think about all of the time, money,and effort you have just put into catching a fish that you may even throw back. Perhaps you will eat it. Either way it is gone shortly after you catch it.

What if you used just half of that effort, time, and money to learn how to empower a woman’s heart and soul to give you her gifts of Love, Sex, Intimacy and Passion?


Is this beginning to make sense? Imagine the benefits you could experience when you understand your role and know how to empower a woman’s desire to give you her feminine gifts.


The feminine gifts are priceless and many. Not every woman will express all of then equally and each has unique qualities, some may have far more gifts than even I can name.


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