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Goals and Motivation

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Your Goals and Motivation!



Here is a new perspective on an old story. Many know the bible story where David killed the giant named Goliath. We have been taught how courageous he was, and that he was a brave shepherd boy,  simply serving the king.


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In reality it was because he was motivated. The King had offered his daughter, land and tax relief to any man who could kill Goliath. David wanted the princess, and he was willing to die to get her, he was determined to manifest his dream, to seize an opportunity to have his desires.


It required action and determination, David had no experience in killing a Giant, and the other soldiers were afraid and mocked him. He didn’t let that stop him, he simply focused on what he wanted. In the end he accomplished his mission.


So what is your goal? what is your motivation?


Spend the time to determine exactly what you want to have, eliminate the giants before you, and capture the prize. The way has been made clear, it is up to you to find the tools and motivation to take you to your goal. is here to assist you in achieving that goal.


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