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It Takes Two to Tango!

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It Takes Two to Tango!

Men  – in order to get the responses you want from your woman requires knowing how to inspire her. If she is acting crazy, it might be a step you are missing. You can’t lead the dance if you don’t know the steps!

A woman seeks a man that can lead, protect and make her feel safe! She is looking to you to lead. She needs you to provide the container for her feminine self. (more about this in our program!)

Learning how to dance properly will make you a better leader, and give you many skills that will assist you in leading your relationship as well. They are very similar and use the same techniques!

Dancing can be a wonderful way to spark a new relationship or rekindle the spark in your current relationship! Ask your lady if she enjoys going dancing. Odds are, the answer will be a resounding yes.

It takes two to tango, so if she keeps trying to lead it is usually because she does not feel your lead or she does not trust you based on previous experiences.

Take dance lessons together and then practice together. Just make sure that you dance only with your woman, and not with any other woman. (Very Important!)


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