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Why do I Have to Prove I Love You?

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Why do I Have to Prove I Love You?


Recently a client told me this story –


Daniel decided he needed some adventure in his life and booked a trip to Las Vegas with a male friend. So what is wrong with that, you ask? I will explain.


Actually there is nothing wrong with taking some time by yourself, but be clear about your  intention and why you are going spend guy time in a location that offers distractions and opportunities to play that are not exactly good for a relationship.


Daniel was married and he left his wife and several children at home. As you probably know, Las Vegas is not exactly the kind of place that a woman wants her husband and his buddy running around for the weekend. To make matters worse he sent her a post card from a stripper bar. He actually thought it would make her laugh when she received it!


Men if you don’t see the problem here, all the more reason to purchase a course. We can help you understand the delicate dynamics that are your responsibility!


Daniel did not understand that he destroyed her feelings of being important, cared for and protected. As I mentioned in another post her feelings are the reason you fail.


He arrived home to a wife that asked for a divorce, and here is the amazing part, when he asked for another chance, she advised him that he would have to prove he loved her.

“Why do I have to prove that I love you?” was his response, (which further damaged his chances of reconciliation.) What Daniel failed to realize is the amount of damage he caused by his immature actions, thinking only about his own needs and going to Vegas without her.


Now she was asking that he prove he actually loved her. She needed to be reassured and she needed to hear and feel that he really wanted to be with her and her alone. She needed to know that she was important to him, that she was more important than his own childish needs.


The very fact that he was asking why he needed to do that shows he does not understand her feelings, or how to maintain a relationship.


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