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Who killed the Relationship?

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Who killed the Relationship?


Today I am sharing from my own experiences the challenges and the solutions regarding maintaining a relationship.


Everything begins bright and cheery. Like an early morning sunrise, in the beginning you see all of the good things in the person you selected to be with. Then as time passes you begin to notice the things that annoy you or that you don’t really like.


Soon the fights begin, or in some cases it is just the silent resentment that begins to fester.


In either case the love subsides, the fun is beginning to fade. Soon your thoughts are focused on what is not working, rather than the good things you have in common.


I found myself in this pattern recently, unaware that my past conditioning snd experiences were causing me to focus on the negative issues rather than being grateful for the good things that I had.


Eventually it caused a major break in our relationship, and thankfully we were able to identify my issues with emotional affairs in the past, and the fact that I had allowed my immature behaviors and demands to affect the entire relationship.


Solving this required good communication skills, a keen awareness of my thoughts, actions and behaviors. So that I was able to refocus on being aware and grateful for what I had, and manage my immature thoughts and behaviors.


This required applying the warrior principle that I teach in the Man’s Quest programs. I had to refocus my thoughts, use my awareness to manage my actions and keep my commitments to the amazing woman I have as my partner.


At the same time I was able to communicate what I needed and required from her, which brought back the dynamic balance of our relationship.


This was not easy and it required both of us working together, but in the end it put our relationship back into the fulfilling experience we both desired.


Learning about immature behavior and how it affects your capacity to have a successful relationship and how to change it, is one of the most effective and essential things you can do for yourself and your lover!


If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships, do yourself and your lover a favor and purchase a program today! It will change your life.


Mans Quest provides the steps, the tools and techniques that will assist you in succeeding in having Love that not only is fulfilling but lasts


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