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Freedom Explained!

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Freedom Explained!


Freedom can only exist if we have choices.


Without Choice, there is no Freedom. Without Freedom there is no Choice. (excerpt from The Way of the Warrior)


Take the example of the Garden of Eden – Adam and Eve were given their Freedom but also were given a choice. Eat and enjoy everything, but don’t touch the tree of Good and Evil.


Eve’s decision to eat the forbidden fruit took away their Freedom and their choices.


So how does this relate to you? You are offered complete freedom within a relationship, but it is the decision to partake of the forbidden fruit (Simply crossing the line by doing something that will hurt or destroy your relationship)


Flirting with someone else, having an emotional affair, or connecting to a stranger when you are not with your partner. Yes it may feel good, and you may be able to justify it because your partner is making you unhappy. All the same it is your choice that determines if you are truly Free or not.


Real freedom is choosing not to partake of the forbidden fruit, and remain in the Garden.


This choice is the highest and most honorable thing you can do to create a loving balanced relationship.


We all have special things that seem so tempting, that we really want to experience, but much like the forbidden fruit, they draw us away from our Freedom and end up destroying the very thing we want most – Love and a loving partner!


Don’t blame your partner for your wrong choices, and don’t try to justify your mistakes.


If you want to be completely free, then you have to have the morals and virtue to honor your commitments with your partner at all costs. It is your Choice every day!


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