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Return on Investment ?

Return on Investment -Wow

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Return on Investment – What it means for your relationship!


Every investment has a return. Some are positive and some are negative.


Every investor hopes for a positive return on their investment.


In a relationship – men often are not aware of the cost of their actions or words, and the return it gives them.


And what these words and actions cost them in how their partner feels about them, and how much she will give you back.


So how does this relate to you? and what are the investments you are making?


Here is what I had to learn and change in order to have the kind of relationship I wanted.


I was raised by a chauvinistic father and I watched his actions and words with many women, while he treated my mother badly.


What I had to learn was that following his example returned some very unpleasant experiences and damaged my relationship with the woman I wanted to be with.


So the Return on Investment works like this –


if you choose to stare and or flirt with other women while you are in a relationship, what you get back is no value, other than maybe your ego feels better or you think you deserve to enjoy that interaction!


I am not sure about you but I have never received a positive return on any investment that involved staring at another woman, in most cases they were not even aware that I existed. So when I realized that it was a very poor investment, I chose to give up childish things and be a man with balls.


This means that I had to be conscious aware of what I was using my actions and energy for. In order to honor my relationship I now invest my energy in appreciating, and focusing on my partner. The return on my investment now is far greater and far more profitable!

In addition your woman will see and feel the difference in your energy, inspiring her to give you a much better return on your investment with her!


If you want to learn more about this, and have the tools to improve your relationship, Mans Quest provides the steps, the tools and techniques that will assist you in succeeding in having Love that not only is fulfilling but lasts.


If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships, do yourself and your lover a favor and purchase a program today! It will change your life.


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