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Co-Dependency …

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The following is from Robert Burney’s website – –


We learn who we are as emotional beings from the role modeling of our parents and the adults around us.  I have never had an emotionally honest male role model in my life.  I am having to become my own role model for what emotional honesty looks like in a man.


Romance means nothing without emotional intimacy.  “In – to – me – see”  We can not share our self with another being unless we can see into our self. 


As long as I couldn’t be emotionally intimate with myself, I was incapable of being emotionally intimate with another human being.


It is absolutely vital to learn how to be emotionally honest with ourselves.  It is impossible to have a Truly successful Romantic Relationship without emotional honesty. (Truly successful being used here to mean: in balance and harmony between the physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual levels of being.) 


Sex can ultimately be an empty, barren animal coupling – involving physical pleasure but really having little to do with Love – without emotional & Spiritual connection. 


This results in one of the major problem areas of many relationships.


Without emotional intimacy many women get turned off to sex and withhold because their emotional needs aren’t being met – and men get angry because they don’t even have a clue of what women are asking for.


Traditionally in this society women were taught to be codependent – that is take their self-definition and self-worth from their relationships – with men, while men have been taught to be codependent on their success/career/work.


That has changed somewhat in the past twenty or thirty years – but is still part of the reason that women have more of a tendency to sell their souls for relationships than men do.


End Quote.


You are responsible for taking care of your emotions and not depending on her for your emotional needs, That is a result of immature thinking and actions!


As men we often are required to reassess our skills, and to understand how to be the kind of man our partner needs and wants. This is an area that is critical in our success.


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