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Heart and Mind – Healing Relationships

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The truth shall set you free – a new Paradigm and a new Chapter!


So what is the truth?


A recent disaster in my life has driven me to look very intently and very deep into my own beliefs, conditioning and processes. To understand why and where I failed, I had to search for my own truth. This is what I found.


In relationships it is critical to know and understand understand what your triggers and beliefs are, and how they are keeping you from your greatest Joy.


This is tied to the scripture that says you cannot serve two Masters. If your Heart and Mind are not in agreement, your soul will be conflicted and sooner or later you will choose to serve your past or your future. If you have thoughts that contradict your desires, your soul cannot give you either, and you will be very frustrated.


Deep seated beliefs from childhood that are not resolved will always over ride the present.


We all have childhood fantasies and longings that seek fulfillment, and sometimes they are harmless and can be implemented or worked thru with our partner. I was actually able to fulfill parts of mine, and in the end I finally realized and understood that what I really wanted was a deep and abiding love with a partner that wanted to be with me.


The truth is that we have to choose Love over past conditioning, and it is very challenging and very difficult to do. Like an alcoholic the first step is to admit we have a problem or addiction to our past beliefs, as well as behaviors that do not support a loving relationship. Then and only then will we be able to begin the journey.


I too was caught up in my blocks and was holding tight to my own beliefs that a relationship had to look and feel a certain way. In the end it was the very thing that destroyed a beautiful Love.


So begins a new chapter in my life as well as for Mansquest. Yes even I have to learn and grow,
And I have to be honest about my own experiences, so that all men can benefit. So I am now adding another chapter to the program that will explain and expand on what I have learned.


I will share the powerful tools and insights that have enabled me to understand what went wrong in my relationship, and why I was not able to create a Love that lasted.


Much like when I was depressed, I searched and researched until I found the solution, and solved my depression in one weekend. Now the pain of a broken heart that was shattered and deeply affected, forced me to do the same about my own processes, so that I could understand what went wrong and how to heal.


The truths that God has revealed this week are far beyond anything I have understood previously, and I have been able to shift the energy and pain into healing. It remains a challenging and difficult process, but the truth has set me free from my own shackles and limitations.


If you are dealing with conflict and pain in your relationship, it may be as simple as understanding the truth and choosing to let go of childish longings and desires that were imprinted deep in your psyche. Healing these beliefs and deep longings that your parents created in your mind and heart, and what you FEEL is lacking because of that imprinting takes courage and fortitude.


The option most people choose is to run away, so they don’t have to face their own inner demons. Or we project the pain onto our partners, thinking they will understand because they love us, and then get angry because they don’t play the game. I have done both at times and
have learned that I have to find my own healing first. Now the truth has initiated a healing that is growing a better and bigger heart.


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