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Bending Love until it Breaks!

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Love is very forgiving and has a great capacity to forgive. It is only when we bend it too far that it breaks.


Knowing why is the subject for today.


Here is what came to me today, and I will explain why after you read it.


Broken Dreams – My Poem today.


Rational thoughts
Shadows of the past
Drawn from chaos
Churn through my mind
Resolution an impossible task


My heart filled with Love
Memories of beauty and grace
Pours its stream
Of quiet gentle harmonies
Remembering the sweetness of your face


Torn between
Before and after
What was and could be
Echoes of pain
Rain down on the Joy and laughter


The hearts desire
Full of hope and radiant Love
Struggles to rise
To bring clarity
To the disjointed thoughts above


Desperately I gather the shattered pieces
Of my mind and heart
Trying to make them fit
Into a form that has no form
Without you being a part


So you see and hear the pain, the result of bending Love too far… by not understanding and accepting that my own childhood conditioning was causing a problem, Since I had done so much work on myself, I figured I had conquered that part of my life.


Turns out I still had a deep seated problem that was running my life.


Taking responsibility for your own self is very important in sustaining love with another. Our own childhood conditioning if not addressed and transformed will sooner or later break what ever love you were experiencing.


The truth is that we have to choose Love over past conditioning, and it is very challenging and very difficult to do. Like an alcoholic the first step is to admit we have a problem or addiction to our past beliefs, as well as behaviors that do not support a loving relationship. Then and only then will we be able to begin the journey.


I too was caught up in my blocks and was holding tight to my own beliefs that a relationship had to look and feel a certain way. In the end it was the very thing that destroyed a beautiful Love.


It took a lot of work and painful searching for me to understand and accept that I was not given attention and nurturing as a child. Therefore I was seeking that from my partner, who thought I was a rational and healthy human being. The truth is the deep ache in my soul panicked when she was not available.


So my projection of my pain kept trying to bend her love to accept the child that was hurting, which was very confusing to her. Finally it bent Love way too far and broke what was beautiful relationship.


My work and your work as a man is to be aware of our own dysfunctional childhood conditioning and find a good therapist to assist in healing it, so you can hold Love in the healthiest way possible and protect that Love from bending too far.


The deeper truths that God once again has revealed to me, carry a lot of weight and responsibility, it has helped me immensely to shift the energy and pain into healing. It remains a challenging and difficult process, but the truth has helped me understand things i could not see before.


If you are dealing with conflict and pain in your relationship, it may be as simple as understanding the truth and choosing to let go of childish longings and desires that were imprinted deep in your psyche. Healing these beliefs and deep longings that your parents created in your mind and heart, and what you FEEL is lacking because of that imprinting takes courage and fortitude.


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