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Slaying the Dragon!

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The Dragon that is killing your relationships!


One of the most essential and necessary parts of this journey is being able to see your mistakes, and errors, and then to take responsibility and know how to unravel the underlying forces that are driving your actions.


You may have to read that again, or if you are in a unhealthy place in your relationships you will understand.


There are so many programs on the internet now telling you how to win the girl or find love, and yet they all give similar messages. Either how to be a player and trick a girl into bed, or how text and say the right things so she finds you attractive enough to want a relationship with you.


I am here to tell you it takes a real man to keep a relationship together and working. I also am going to give you some answers you wont find anywhere else.


The Dragon appears in time, usually when you least expect it, it grows slowly and quietly, until the day it becomes a Fire Breathing reality.


So what causes such a fierce beast to appear?


Usually our own issues and unmet childhood needs.


As men we try to please our partner and provide her with all the things she requires, asks for, and more. Sadly that is not enough. If there are differences and unmet needs, or perhaps a deep belief that is creating distance between you, it is the energy that creates the Dragon.


So we face the Dragon, much like David and Goliath, we try to slay the Dragon with one shot.
Then we are surprised when the Dragon does not disappear.


They only way to win this battle is to find your deep seated belief systems that you have had since childhood, and that have messed up many relationships, and then get help to unravel and change them.


I know because I had a very special relationship and was not aware how my own stuck and damaging beliefs that I carried from childhood affected our relationship. In the end it was what destroyed it.


So learn this lesson now and you can win over the Dragon, and maybe even avoid having to deal with it at all.


If you are experiencing conflict and pain in your relationship, it may be as simple as understanding the truth and choosing to let go of childish longings and desires that were imprinted deep in your psyche. Healing these beliefs and deep longings that your parents created in your mind and heart, and what you FEEL is lacking because of that imprinting takes courage and fortitude.


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