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Every Problem has a Solution – you may be unable to see it or accept it, still it is there.


So how do you find your solution to your problem?


Sometimes it takes village, sometimes the solution is simple.


Edison did not create the light bulb as a fun project, he saw a problem and searched for a solution. You can find your solution too.


Just remember you cannot solve a problem by removing part of the problem (equation)


Mansquest is designed to provide the solution to many relationship problems, and is updated regularly with current information and feedback from clients and my own experiences.


It is my mission to not only create a healthy, balanced and happy relationship with my partner, but to share what I know and understand with other men.


As I learned recently it is difficult to see your own problems when you are deep in a situation.
I was unable to find a solution until I stepped back and looked at my own part in the relationship that was causing the problem.


Also believing that you are right and not the source of the problem, will eventually destroy the possibility of finding a solution.


Check out our programs on the website, or check in with the Solutions Coach, a new concept and powerful new way of finding your solution by clicking this link

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Check out our website and blogs for more information!


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