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Transformation Update – Shifting Beliefs

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For the past several months I have been praying and seeking to understand how to apply the message – Seek first the Kingdom of God.


I struggled to the point where I ended up neglecting my Health, Relationship, and my Business.


Not willing to be defeated I pressed on with my limited focus, until finally God had to take away the most valuable thing I had and that was my relationship with my partner.


Today I was reminded of the parable of the three servants and the talents they were given. I was not using my talents effectively and neglected to invest in the most important one, my relationship, and so it was taken away.


The warrior in me decided that I was going to find the beliefs and fears that were the root of my failures, and like Alice in Wonderland it was like going down the rabbit hole into a very different and deep part of my ego and psyche that I had not seen or dealt with before.


I opened the little door and there they sat – Old beliefs and childhood conditioning paradigms that have lived there for many years in my subconscious mind. I got busy and found out how to clear these blocks, which turned out to be the very reason I was unable to find the Kingdom within.


It has taken a very focused and determined energy to change my direction and find the answers, but the results have been extraordinary. I can only tell you that if you do this work,the world changes before your very eyes.


I have resolved and shifted the very things that kept me imprisoned and blinded to the answers I was seeking.


It is my mission to not only create a healthy, balanced and happy relationship with my partner, but to share what I know and understand with other men.


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Only you can choose to change where you are and where you are going.


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