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Growth and change

Change, Peace and Growth

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Change is here, a Tsunami of change, flooding every part of my life.
how it is being handled is what makes me a man. As men we are always being tested and it is up to you and I to decide if we are going to revert to the weak and immature part of ourselves, and coast along or become real men.


I previously took the easy road and it cost me my relationship. Instead of taking care of my own needs and boundaries, I choose to neglect my own path and take responsibility.


Men – understanding group mentality, and how to be with a beautiful woman successfully is a great responsibility. I lacked the knowledge and understanding of the dynamics required to keep things balanced, and how to engage with her in a way that would make her feel safe, secure and protected.


It took the loss of that relationship for me to be able to grasp the complexities and responsibilities required. Neglecting my business, my health and myself, I was solely responsible for what happened. Now my day is filled with learning to be who I am and how to be in my power.


The good news and the Peace come from getting the help guidance and knowledge I needed, along with many prayers and supplications to God for understanding, courage and the fortitude to be the man I am meant to be.


Growth is not always easy, and the pain and suffering that I created forced me to look deeper into myself than I have ever done before. Unraveling childhood conditioning and programming took a lot of focus, effort and commitment to myself and my future.


As a child I was taught to serve others and to put their needs above my own. Of course we all have our own version of this including my previous partner who has her own issues to work on. What we do with that pain and suffering will change everything that happens in your relationships.


Now my mission is about working on myself and healing my past wounds, learning how to negotiate the subconscious traps of conditioned beliefs and actions.


What has developed is a greater understanding of my own internal limitations that prevented me from recognizing my own worth and therefore trying to get that from other people. All of that has changed, in working on myself, I found the man God created me to be.


I stand in my power and I am Love, I am Loved, and I will continue to rise above the limitations that my past taught me to believe.


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Learn from my mistakes, Only you can choose to change where you are and what you will have in your relationship!


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