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WHat does love_Mansquest

What does Love have to do with it?

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Having witnessed and experienced levels of Love that few people experience, combined with the experience of losing that Love relationship, I set my intention to unravel the truth of Love and why people run from pain. My goal was to solve my side of the equation, and did I ever get a dose of reality, and I found new powerful solutions to creating and maintaining a balanced relationship, that were not perviously discussed here!


Having looked at my own issues and the beliefs that I carried in my head, I began to see clearly where I had stopped doing my part, and allowed my past experiences to affect my relationship.


It is a dance and it takes two to tango as they say. So how to resolve these seemingly challenging dramas that we all go through?


First and foremost it requires a commitment to be in it regardless of how hard it is, unless there is physical abuse or some life threatening situation. if there is a caveat in the back of your mind in the beginning, that little seed will grow until it blooms usually at an unexpected time. Sooner or later if you expect things will fail they most definitely will. So listen to your partner and what they talk about most often. The pattern of their unhappiness and unmet needs will soon reveal itself, .


My own world was challenged by my past and my upbringing, and I had to face that and accept that I had to be the one to learn how to create wealth, health and Love. Trapped by circumstances I allowed my world to turn gray, to bring my issues into the relationship rather than working on myself.


Now understand I have done a lot of work on myself, but I have come to realize the majority of my work was spiritual and fixing my previous errors, which took a lot of effort, but there was another level that God required me to achieve.


So the universe always brings to us what we need to work on. Love is required to be able to accept our partner is in pain, and find ways to help. If they were ill, had a broken bone, or were in an accident we would not have abandoned them. In the face if adversity and extended frustration, we must ask God for help. We must choose – do we love this person or do we love our addiction to our own broken past more? it is a hard question, and I paid the price for choosing my past.


Sometimes we feel our partner does not meet our needs, so we decide to find another person that will do it the way we want. This is the root cause of many affairs, finding relief.
In the end the relationship suffers and each partner ends up unhappy. (ok so maybe someone gets what they want for a while, eventually the same things happen with the new person!)


I have received the understanding and knowledge that I prayed to God for, an awareness of who I am and what my purpose is, how to Love and receive Love, and a very acute awareness of my past conditioning so that it never will ever ruin my future relationship or prevent me from Loving as God loves us – unconditionally!


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Only you can choose to change where you are and where you are going.


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