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A New Paradigm

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Understanding how your past affects your life now and in the future is a critical key to being successful in a relationship.


I am adding several bonuses to the Mansquest programs, that will enhance your abilities to maintain Love, as well as provide additional tools to achieve the results you desire. These are extremely important and necessary to understand and implement all of the lessons in the programs.


Relationships bring up the very things that we have to become aware of in ourselves, in order to heal our past. Running away from a painful situation and expecting another person to accept or fix our internal pain rarely works. The secret is to be aware of the person that stands before us, and see past what we imagine they are creating that makes us feel unhappy.


I had to breakdown my own childhood conditioning and look deeply within myself, I have spent hours and days, on bended knee asking God to show me they way to heal myself, and to understand how to live the role that he created me for.


The journey was not easy and unraveling old beliefs, paradigms and conditioned patterns, was difficult. In spite of that, I chose to never give up until I found the answers. Eventually all was revealed to me, and I was blessed with a profound awareness of how to resolve all of my past conditioning, and I now possess the tools and processes necessary to create a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling relationship, that can grow and expand into a divine relationship unlike any other.


Much like a ballerina that is determined to be the best, she has to commit to intense practice and developing her skills, in spite of bleeding toes and pain in all of her muscles she presses on. That is the mindset I adopted, and I have cleared a massive amount of old programming, beliefs and paradigms, so that now I have a very clear vision of my divine relationship.


I now seek a partner that is committed to doing the same. One that has the desire to grow, the capacity to see her own beliefs and conditioning, and wants to experience Love on a level the the average man knows not of.


Not because any man lacks the ability to love, but few have taken the journey inwards to their soul, and understand how to Love as God loves. Those who go search for love only make manifest their own lovelessness. It may appear as love, and it may be exciting at first, but we all soon discover that something is off, and the pain resurfaces.


If this speaks to you and your relationship, reach out today, buy the program that fits your situation, schedule a coaching session or read through the blogs, no one can answer all of your questions, but if you choose to begin the answers will come to you. It is not your partner, and never was, it has always been you!


It is work that every man needs to do if you are choosing to be in a healthy relationship – don’t wait for the breakdown to do the work. Get busy, give up the immature insistence to hold onto your pain and childish emotions. Start today, and be the man she wants and needs, the return on your investment will be well worth it!


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Only you can choose to change where you are and where you are going.


Check out our programs on the website, or check in with the Solutions Coach, a new concept and powerful new way of finding your solution by clicking this link

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Also check out our website and blogs for more information!


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