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Dance of Love

Rebuilding Relationships -The Dance of Love

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Rebuilding Relationships – The Dance of Love!


If you are in the process of building or rebuilding, or perhaps considering a reconciliation – understanding that relationships are a dance, and both people have a part, will enable you to understand what went wrong, or how to avoid the pitfalls of past mistakes. Having this knowledge will give you power over every relationship, and your love life will blossom.


Most of us have had relationships that did not work out, for one reason or another, whether the other person had issues or you had issues.


What we each have to understand and accept is that in most cases the other person is not the issue.


This is like a dance, that takes two people, finding which of our own beliefs and assumptions prevent us from having a healthy relationship, and knowing how to change them, is a giant step towards being able to create and maintain a healthy fulfilling relationship. Once I did this my world changed from grey to color.


There are many tools and programs to assist on this journey and Mansquest is one of them.


Using the dance analogy, each of us has a role, and if you focus on your own role, the dance will be so much smoother and enjoyable. Rather than expecting the other person to accept your childish behavior, needs and wants, if you accept that as an adult you have to be responsible for your own happiness, then you will be able to work together to find a workable solution!


Expecting your partner to love you, even when you are unbalanced and acting out immature and old patterns that are not conducive to honoring the relationship, is a recipe for disaster


All things are possible! I have proven this concept and have learned the tools techniques and processes to solve and resolve what you are struggling with. Once you understand the dynamics of the dance of love, you will have the power to build maintain and maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship.


Don’t wait for the breakdown to do the work. Get busy, give up the immature insistence to hold onto your pain and childish emotions. Start today!


Like dancing it takes practice, commitment and working together, to create the elegance, smoothness and connectedness that you see in the advanced dancers! I have experienced it both on and off the dance floor, so I know first hand how exceptional it is to be in this kind of relationship! I have also learned that it requires both parties be willing to push through the bad times as well as enjoying the good times. Blaming your partner for your unhappiness, will only lead to repeating the same pattern with someone else, so just make the commitment to work together.


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. Buy a program or email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Only you can choose to change where you are and where you are going.


Check out our programs on the website, or check in with the Solutions Coach, a new concept and powerful new way of finding your solution by clicking this link

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Also check out our website and blogs for more information!


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