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Blurred Lines – Killing a Relationship

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Blurred Lines Ahead – Be Aware!


Todays subject applies to both men and women, as both are responsible for violating agreements and I want to address how this problem starts in relationships.


In every relationship we have situations and events that offer relief. Relief is just that a temporary relief of some imagined pain or desire. In the end it never provides fulfillment and usually will destroy a relationship. It may seem harmless at first but eventually it leads to things that tear apart the fabric of love and intimacy.


So let me explain. In the course of a relationship there are agreements to be honest, faithful, and loyal, to trust that each other is protecting the relationship. Then one person is offered an opportunity, is inspired by someone outside the relationship to interact on some level. Here is where the knowing where the line is becomes critical.


Consider this – if you found out your partner was doing what you are thinking of doing, or are currently doing, how would you feel then?


Taking that tiny step across the line, and starting a conversation, flirting or texting someone of the opposite sex, you feel justified, because of your own internal pain, your own assessment of your current relationship. Perhaps you had a disagreement or you are feeling bored or restricted, in any case you take that step to make yourself feel better.


This is that tiny step across the agreed line of loyalty and honesty, You think – well it is harmless, I was just texting or emailing them as a friend. Sadly once you cross that line, it starts to move, slowly at first, but soon you are wanting to meet them, chat with them or just take the conversations to a more personal level, until you no longer know where the line is.


That is a BLURRED LINE! Eventually you will ignore it completely and then your love is no longer valid for the person you are with and your self gratification takes over.


SO remember the next time you are tempted to reach out and start something you know will affect your relationship, that you are not being honest with yourself and you will eventually pay a painful price for crossing the line. The line was there for a reason. Much like the line in the middle of a road, it is there to protect you, not control you. People that have crossed that line have found their lives destroyed, and some even die.


Pay attention to your actions and decisions, Love is a delicate and yet powerful force. God brings us the one we are designed to be with, it is up to us to work with that and figure out how to make it work. This is the focus of Mansquest, and the basis of my mission. To bring Love in its perfect form to the world, to lead the way, and demonstrate the beauty, the ecstasy of loving each other as God designed it!


Don’t wait for the breakdown to do the work. Get busy, give up the immature insistence to hold onto your pain and childish emotions. Start today!


Like dancing it takes practice, commitment and working together, to create the elegance, smoothness and connectedness that you see in the advanced dancers! I have experienced it both on and off the dance floor, so I know first hand how exceptional it is to be in this kind of relationship! I have also learned that it requires both parties be willing to push through the bad times as well as enjoying the good times. Blaming your partner for your unhappiness, will only lead to repeating the same pattern with someone else, so just make the commitment to work together.


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. Buy a program or email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Only you can choose to change where you are and where you are going.


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