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Dont feed the Gorilla!

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Don’t feed the Gorilla!


We are all programmed to respond to our childhood programming. Some programmed beliefs morph into addictions, others are suppressed and we are not even aware of them.


So many of our lives are affected and controlled by these subconscious beliefs, that often destroy our treasured relationships.


Understanding how they affect you and how they ruin many relationships is one of the first steps to healing yourself and being able to create and maintain a loving relationship.


Once you become aware of the beliefs and behaviors that are preventing you from having exactly what you want to have, then you have to begin the process of changing the old programs. The current issues can simply be viewed as your personal Gorilla.


I learned this from my sister, who uses this process to help many people, including helping people to stop smoking.


You created the Gorilla – wether it is an addiction, an immature behavior, or any belief that prevents you from having a prosperous and happy life. YOU feed it every day. SO to change your life, your relationship, or your health you have to become strong enough to say no to your Gorilla! When you feel that urge to repeat an unhealthy pattern or behavior, you now see that as the Gorilla you created and say no to your Gorilla. Stop feeding it – STOP NOW!


You have to keep repeating this until the Gorilla finally goes away and leaves you alone, Then you are in charge and you can create the life you desire, and actually without the Gorilla feeding on your soul, your life will change and become the fulfillment of your desire!


No matter how many times the Gorilla asks or begs for food, you have to say NO! Instead you have to shift your thoughts to what you want and desire instead, relax that thought with the thoughts of your desires and how that will make you feel!


Like any deeply rooted process it takes work and time, but remember every building is built one brick at a time, Keep at it and soon you will start to feel the shift and life will begin to respond in positive ways! Never give up!


Pay attention to your actions and decisions, Love is a delicate and yet powerful force. God brings us the one we are designed to be with, it is up to us to work with that and figure out how to make it work. This is the focus of Mansquest, and the basis of my mission. To bring Love in its perfect form to the world, to lead the way, and demonstrate the beauty, the ecstasy of loving each other as God designed it!


Don’t wait for the breakdown to do the work. Get busy, give up the immature insistence to hold onto your pain and childish emotions. Start today!


Like dancing it takes practice, commitment and working together, to create the elegance, smoothness and connectedness that you see in the advanced dancers! I have experienced it both on and off the dance floor, so I know first hand how exceptional it is to be in this kind of relationship! I have also learned that it requires both parties be willing to push through the bad times as well as enjoying the good times. Blaming your partner for your unhappiness, will only lead to repeating the same pattern with someone else, so just make the commitment to work together.


So don’t wait and don’t lose your Lover, Partner or your mission. Buy a program or email me on the contact page or schedule a session with the Coach. Only you can choose to change where you are and where you are going.


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Also check out our website and blogs for more information!


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