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Making Love Last

What Women Want!

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Everybody’s favorite subject, and the most mis-understood!

Having discussed this with many women, it turns out they talk more about what they don’t want. Why? Because so many men today are immature, (they act like little boys, according to the women). Nice guys turn out to be needy, want to be cared for or simply have never learned how to act and deliver what a real man is supposed to deliver.

SO, what is the problem? Most of us had very poor role models, some that were too chauvinistic, or were charmers that could make the ladies swoon, but then they could not stop that behavior once they were in a relationship.

As I have told quite a few men, if you want to learn to fly a plane you have to take lessons. In fact many men go to college for 8 years to become the best in their profession, but they think they do not need to learn about relationships, and how to maintain them. They prefer to blame their partners for not understanding. Granted it takes both parties, but if you want to lead the dance you need to know your role, how it works, and what is required.

It is a choice everyday, are you going to keep struggling, being miserable? OR, perhaps it is time to do something and learn a few steps a least. Then you will be far better prepared to win her and keep her!

Yes I know there are some women that simply do not want a man that lives his role, and treats her like a queen. Women are often wounded, hurt or emotionally scarred and have improbable fantasies. There are ways to work with that also, but you need to be trained like a Ninja warrior in order to be able to work with that.

That is advanced training, which I also offer and will be adding to the available courses shortly.




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