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Love vs Hate

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Love vs Hate – the “Helen Keller Moment”.

Many people start out loving each other, but some eventually end up hating each other . They become miserable with the situation they are in. What they do not understand is that they created their own misery.

In every case you are in control  – you may not be aware of it, but you are just the same.

I watched a movie recently about the journey to heaven called The Custodian, and the main character was talking to the “Angel” that was in charge of the transition point for people that die, and during a discussion he explained that “Hate is not the opposite of Love, Apathy is, (not caring at all).” he continued “Hate is about the Fear of Love, its is not the opposite of it!”

In a different discussion about misery and why people are miserable, he explained “it is because they need to control life”.  

He explained it this way- “Misery is about tearing down and destroying your life.” He then states – “Creation is an act of love. It requires Patience, Kindness and Consideration. Destruction is an act of Will,  – involving violence, arrogance ignorance”

“When I create I trust, when I destroy I impose”

“So misery is control.”

If you want to change your life, your relationship and your career, it is all up to you. As hard as that may seem to understand, I guarantee it is the truth. When you see it and own it, you will have your own Helen Keller moment and realize the power that you posses to create circumstances that are far different than the ones you have now. 

It is all created by your choices and thoughts. If you are honest with yourself, and consider what you have been focusing on in recent months or weeks, you will realize that your thoughts have literally come true. What you have been thinking about and probably discussing with friends, is exactly what you have now. 

I know because I have done it myself, And at the time I was not aware that I was doing it until it was too late and I destroyed my relationship. That is why I share this with you today! So you  can change it now before your Love is turned to Apathy. YOU can do this, you can choose, remember the return on investment factor. If you want a better life and a better relationship, start today!

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