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The Secret to Understanding Women

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For many years I have studied women, relationships and searched for the answer to having a great relationship.

I studied the players books, though have not used their techniques as they seemed a desperate measure to

manipulate women and taking something from them. I had learned enough to know that most women can see through

that game, although some still fall for the flowery words and compliments. What I learned recently changed everything I knew about Love and Loving women. It also changed my sisters life with her husband!

Stay with me now as I share a powerful and simple way to achieve all your goals with women.

First I have to give credit for all of this to Zan Perrion who wrote the Alabaster Girl  – available on Amazon

believe when I tell you he has figured out the secret to Loving women – and the essence of his message is you have to love all women for who and what they are, seeing the Beauty in each one, and being able to show up as your authentic self with a mission and without an agenda, Which means he does not teach you how to get a girl into bed, but rather how to connect with your own Masculine energy and bring out her feminine energy. The result of what he teaches opens doors to relationships that most men spend their entire life trying to master.

The book is 400 pages, so it indeed requires a deep understanding and some practice in order to apply the principles he teaches,

He also is on instagram and Youtube if you are to research further!

I will share more later!





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