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About the Author


About The Author


 Craig has studied under the best and most successful mentors, and has to to implement and prove each step himself. You can have a great relationship also!


Growing up Craig had a father who was a complete male chauvinist. In watching how his father acted, and how he treated women, Craig naturally adopted his actions and behaviors. For many years Craig copied his ways, and was trapped by his own ego. At different times, Craig actually had women tell him that they did not like him when they first met, because they felt he was a chauvinistic man.


The reason we are telling you this is so that you understand how Craig had to face his own failings and relationships that did not workout well. Craig had to learn how to be a different kind of man, in order to be the best partner he could be, and be able to make love last.


And now he is sharing his knowledge and the steps he had to learn in order to change the kind of relationship he had!


Craig learned to ballroom dance in order to meet girls, when he saw that the good dancers were getting all of the pretty girls. Nowadays, his finds great pleasure is dancing only with his partner, a divine pleasure that only comes from being able to lead properly, and knowing the steps.


These benefits extend to life at home and in the bedroom as well. Benefits that are above and beyond what most men would believe were possible!


Craig has developed the 8 steps, and has proven effectively all of the techniques that are taught in the program. Applying the principles of how to lead and follow.


Thank you for visiting!



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