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Masculine power (energy) is about Leading a woman with respect, honor and appreciation for her feminine energy and gifts! I will explain this process in greater detail in the program.

This is a very new way of being for many men, and it doesn’t mean you are less of a man, and it does not mean that you are weak. In fact this process requires far more courage, Strength and fortitude than physical strength. A man that is empowered as a masculine man, needs to know and understand many facets of relationships, feminine energy, Masculine Energy, balance and posses the internal resolve to maintain his position and role in the face of any and every challenge.

mansquest-mens-dating-relationships-blog-_0051_shutterstock_124851772A masculine man knows and understands what is required to be the best man he can be, to be strong enough to put his ego aside and allow the feminine woman to challenge him without taking it as an attack. For she will challenge you every day. He knows he must protect her and make her feel safe. He learns how to make decisions and take the lead, when required. He holds doors open for his woman, is a refined gentleman. (more about that later ) and yet does not use his power to control his woman but rather to provide her as safe secure and loving container for her to express her feminine gifts.

As you now begin to understand that this role is far more than just being a tough guy, or being in charge, but rather about the ability to take charge without force. The men who resort to force,coercion, and manipulation are considered by some to be bullies and physically abusive.

mansquest-mens-dating-relationships-blog-_0047_shutterstock_161685914A woman by her very nature wants and needs to give her gifts, which include, affection, love, nurturing, support,  tenderness, sex, honor, respect, joy, caring, fun, pleasing and giving her heart mind and body to the man she loves.

The secret is that she can only give these things completely when she feels safe, protected, honored, cherished, appreciated, and there is a container that can hold her energy and all of her desires, with all of these elements. You may be able to draw out some of these  with certain women, but to have all of them requires a deeper knowledge. That is the purpose and intent for this course.

This means a man that wants a real woman that is capable of giving him the gifts he so desires, must without fail provide for her Financially, emotionally and physically.

The feminine responds to the true masculine energy in equal and balanced energy. To break that down to a level that is easier to understand, If you were to take a beautiful hibiscus bush, and simply pulled the flowers off every day and never watered it or fertilized it, eventually it will die.You have to provide what it needs in order for it to give you what you desire.

The feminine soul is similar, if you only take from her what she can give you, in time her spirit shrivels, and withdraws, you then try to placate her enough to draw just what you need for now, and that may work for a time, but eventually you will fail. Sometimes to make things worse you try to find relief in an affair. The affair will never give you fulfillment, because that woman is empty, does not respect you and is simply an object, and in time you will become aware of that. Even if you were to switch to that woman for a relationship, if you don’t have the skills to keep her, you will simply repeat the whole process over. Often times men try to return to their partner and Fix the relationship, but lacking the skills of the empowered masculine man they simply do just enough to get access to the minimal gifts that his woman can barely share with him.

mansquest-mens-dating-relationships-blog-_0031_shutterstock_198140039This is such a violation , betrayal  and hurtful process, that often couples end up divorcing. The truth of the matter is that many times the failure is not due to lack of a woman’s love or her ability to give her gifts, but that she has been severely damaged emotionally. There are cases where this can be resolved, but it will take a man that is seriously committed to his mission, and will need coaching and guidance.

The benefits of taking the course and applying it is greatly enhanced by signing up for the additional coaching program.

Monthly coaching session will assist in your process of evolving and assist you in not only achieving faster results, but enable you to understand the woman you are with as well as accelerating your abilities to use the tools required.

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